S4:E8. Sweater Weather!



Sherri, host, knitter, spinner, weaver, and active in the Kansas City fiber arts community.

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Tamara, co-host, knitter, knitwear designer, hiker, mom.

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Projects: Current, Finished, Fantasy and Wearing

  • Current. Current Project:  Final Frontier by Annamária Ötvös (11wildswans) 
  • Current. Spinning local wool.

  • Current. Knitting yet another Sherri Pullover. This time out of Brown Sheep Stratosphere which is a 3-ply dk weight 100% superwash wool in the color Hubble (a deep emerald green). She wore her second Sherri Pullover so much that the yarn is breaking down and she needs to replace it. She loves that sweater.
  • Socks and hats! Turns out that Regia 6-ply big ball of slightly thicker sock yarn that Tamara loves is enough yarn to make a pair of medium women's socks and then a hat with just a little bit leftover.    
  • Jul stud-buttons!!!! She bought a set of these at Interweave Yarn Fest in Colorado earlier this year. And loves them!!! They are moveable - you can place them, look in the mirror, change your mind, and replace them to get the fit and placement just how you want for each outfit. The stud slides between the stitches easily and makes no lasting changes to the yarn or fabric. Metal on the front, metal stud, soft leather fastener on the back to hold the stud in place. https://juldesigns.com/stud-buttons/ (The Midcentury Modern three button set in Distressed Brass is the one Tamara chose at Interweave Yarn Fest. But all of the sets looked great.)


  • Tamara has two mulligans - both on that dk weight weight Sherri pullover. The first one was an actual math versus body perception problem. She picked a too large size and then had to rip back to work the next smaller size instead. And then she's been working on it at knitting on Wednesday evenings. Instead of decreasing for the waist and then starting the increases for the hip shaping, she got sidetracked and increased for the waist and then increased more for the hip shaping. And....that meant the new try on was too big again. She ripped back again. The moral of this story ----- top down knitting is awesome and trying on your knitting as you go is super important in case you want to make any changes....or fix any mistakes.    

Topic of the Show: Sweater Weather! 

Sherri and Tamara spend some time talking about some of their favorite sweaters and some of the things they look for in sweater patterns. Sherri also shared her top 5 favorite sweater patterns: Cobblestone by Jared Flood, Final Frontier by Annamária Ötvös (11wildswans), Bookworm by Heidi Kirrmaier, Seamless Hybrid by Elizabeth Zimmermann, and Wine Country Sweater by Tamara Moots. She also added Tanta by Hanna Maciejewska as an honorable mention even though she hasn't knit it herself yet. Tamara shared her current favorite too and should come as a surprise that it's the Sherri Pullover

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  • Google Keep (or whatever other note taking app you use on your phone)! Tamara has started using them to keep simple notes for projects that she knits on-the-go like hats and socks. It's great having the information on her phone instead of on a lost sticky note. 
  • Read. When Women Were Dragons by Kelly Barnhill. On a normal day in 1955, thousands of women turned into dragons. Some of them ate their husbands, some of them burned down places of employment, something like 27 PTO partent-teacher association meeting places were destroy, and so on. Then the dragons flew away. This book talked about how you move forward with those women-shaped holes in lives and society. It was funny and sad and though provoking. Tamara loved it. 


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