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S3:E7. Swatch: Knitting Tool Kits

  Hosts Sherri, host, knitter, spinner, and fosters dogs. You can find Sherri as TangledThread on Ravelry Instagram:  geminatepodcast Tamara, co-host, knitter, knitwear designer, hiker, mom. You can find Tamara as tammo on Ravelry Instagram:  tamaramoots Blog: Ravelry Designs: Etsy Shop (Knitwear Designs, Stitch Marker Sets and more):  Tallgrass Knitting Sign up for her newsletter  here .    Current and Finished Projects Sherri: Still knitting on her brother's Christmas socks.   Tamara: Knitting on the top-down worsted weight cloak design out of  Knit Picks Simply Wool  in the color Wodsworth. The room where she's recording is chilly so the weight of this almost finished cloak on her lap is very, very nice.  Swatch: Knitting Tool Kits In this Swatch, Sherri and Tamara talk about knitting tool kits. Some of their favorite kits out there and what to include if you're going to build your own kitting tool kit.