S3:E7. Swatch: Knitting Tool Kits



Sherri, host, knitter, spinner, and fosters dogs.

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Tamara, co-host, knitter, knitwear designer, hiker, mom.

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Current and Finished Projects

  • Still knitting on her brother's Christmas socks.  
  • Knitting on the top-down worsted weight cloak design out of Knit Picks Simply Wool in the color Wodsworth. The room where she's recording is chilly so the weight of this almost finished cloak on her lap is very, very nice. 

Swatch: Knitting Tool Kits

In this Swatch, Sherri and Tamara talk about knitting tool kits. Some of their favorite kits out there and what to include if you're going to build your own kitting tool kit. You can go big (the Akerworks Tool Kit is one example) or go small (this kit is one example of going small) or there's a whole lot of choices in the middle of these two options -- here's an Etsy search for Knitting Tool Kits. They mention the many rectangular tin tool kits from TheSexyKnitter, a Knitting Essentials Kit or smaller tin for generic stitch markers by HanksYarningCo, Tamara's Knitting Tool Kits at Tallgrass Knitting (her Etsy shop). And more. 

If you are going to build your own, this Perfect Notions Case is a good place to start. They think you should include a knitting needle gauge, some sort of cutting utensil, some sort of tape measure, stitch markers, blunt tip sewing needle, bent tip sewing needle, tiny crochet hook or emergency stitch fixer and whatever else you think you might need. Some of Sherri's favorite bits to include in the tool kits she builds are Clover quick-locking stitch marker sets, Clover tapestry needle and Cocoknits Colorful Stitch Markers.

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That's Entertainment (what we're watching, reading, eating and playing while we knit)


  • Watching Dr. Who Season 11 where the newly regenerated doctor is a woman played by Jodie Whitaker (the 13th doctor). These episodes came out in 2018 and she just now has access to them. She's thrilled to be catching up. 
  • Limoncello! She's found a new flavor of Limoncello La Croix seltzer water. Limoncello is a chilled after dinner digestivo from Italy. The flavor of the seltzer water is so tasty that she's become sort of obsessed with the whole idea of limoncello. She's looking into infusing her own vodka with the zest of lemons following this recipe. And she's tracking down who might sell it in her area. 


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