S3:E4. Halloween Knitting!


Sherri, host, knitter, spinner, and fosters dogs.

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Tamara, co-host, knitter, knitwear designer, hiker, mom.

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Projects: Current, Finished, Fantasy and Wearing

  • Spinning for the Spin Together. She's spinning a wool/silk blend from Hip Strings
  • And she's setting up a Weaving Studio in her basement!!!  

  • Finished the Rowan Hat (new hat design in 3 sizes). You can see projects in the test knit on Ravelry. Samples for this one knit out of Malabrigo Rios yarn in the colors Lettuce, Frank Ochre and Ravelry Red. Fun!
  • Knitting on the top down worsted weight cloak design out of Knit Picks Simply Wool in the color Wodsworth. 
  • Cast on the Turquoise Trail Cowl in two sizes. Knitting one out of the same fingering weight Valley Yarns wool/silk blend and one of our a deep turquoise DK from Old Rusted Chair yarns. The cowls use the same 2/2 cables and Lifted-Over Knot Stitches as the pullover. Both sizes are on the needles and she's loving both.
  • Cast on a new top-down shawl out of Apothefaery Stunning Singles in a truly stunning bright red with black undertones named Poinsettia. This is another fingering weight wool/silk blend. The difference is that this one is a single-ply. 
  • Getting ready to cast on a new tee design for Spring 2022. It is a weird time to be knitting a tee. But it is what has to happen to get the design ready for testing when testers want to be knitting tees and release in the spring. 
  • And she's deciding which designs to include in the Indie Designers Gift-A-Long this year! Each year somewhere between 200 and 300 designers select 10-20 patterns for the sale portion. So that's great. But the really awesome thing about the GAL is all the chatting and games and show-and-tell and prizes in the threads. She hasn't seen the official dates for 2021. Normally is starts at 8 pm of the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. The sale portion ends on midnight of November 30th. The threads are open and hopping until midnight on December 31st. 


  • On the middle size of the 3 hat sizes, she didn't love the flow of the top of the hat into the decreases. So she had the "bright idea" to rip back the entire hat and start the whole thing over at a different point instead of only ripping back the 7 rounds of decrease and reworking just those 7 round. And she did it without really thinking it through. She ripped the whole hat back to zero (even the ribbing which didn't need to come out at all). She cast back on and reknit one round only to realize that the "bright idea" wouldn't work. At all. Then she reknit the entire hat again.....for no reason. 

Topic of the Show: Halloween Knitting! 

Sherri and Tamara talk about Halloween Knitting - yarns, patterns, stitch markers, tees, projects bags and more. They shared the favorite things they found in poking around. Tamara didn't have much luck finding Halloween things on Ravelry. She had great luck finding all kinds of things with a search of "Halloween knitting" on Etsy, "Halloween yarn" on Etsy and "Halloween knitting" on Pinterest. 

Sherri's favorites were Hunter Hammersen's blog posts where she has been talking about designing little knitted potion bottles (and there's a great witch hat pattern if you keep looking), Boo the Bat pattern by Anna Hrachovec and the Gothic Angel lace shawl pattern by Boo Knits. 

Tamara's favorites were Spooky Mittens and Skeleton Gloves, Candy Corn Hat, Candy Corn Cocoon (snuggle sack), Halloween themed stitch markers, Zoe's Boutique Bags Day of the Dead themed project bags and all the great hand-dyed self-striping Halloween themed fingering weight yarns. She had many, many items in her cart during the searches but only ended up purchasing one thing - a skein named "Great Pumpkin" from Tall Pine Yarns in Massachusetts. It's already on the needles!  

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That's Entertainment (what we're watching, reading, eating and playing while we knit)


  • Watched the movie The Chef (2014) on Netflix. John Favreau (Happy from the Iron Man movies) stars in it, he's also the writer and director. It's about a working road trip and a food truck and food and more. Lots of great music in this one.  
  • Listening to Pop Music......and it turns out she actually likes it. If you want to take a listen, here are some of her favorites right now - Sucker by the Jonas Brothers, Good 4 U by Olivia Rodrigo, Blinding Lights by The Weeknd, Havana by Camila Cabello (song actually start about 2:39).  
  • Caramel Dip! It's apple season so she was wanting some caramel dip without some of the unnecessary chemicals. So she found this recipe to try it. It's easy and tasty with only 5ish ingredients and not much time! (Since they recorded the younger teen made it again which is proof of it being extra tasty and extra easy.) 
  • Band! It is marching band season! (technically it's football season too but, you know, priorities). She loves seeing the teens having so much fun doing it. The cheers/dances in the stands, the hanging out, the actual marching on the field - it is all a lot of fun! She even got a shirt made that says "I'm here for the Band!"   


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