S3:E1. Getting Ready for Fall



Sherri, host, knitter, spinner, and fosters dogs.

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Tamara, co-host, knitter, knitwear designer, hiker, mom.

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Projects: Current, Finished, Fantasy and Wearing


  • Knitting on that same top-down fingering weight sweater out of the Valley Yarns Charlemont wool/silk blend. 
  • The Prairie Fire Shawl (cables and lace that represent the swirls and whirls of the annual controlled prairie burns on the tallgrass prairie) and Beach Glass Cowl (simple cables to evoke the bubbling on antique beach glass) patterns are both now live! She's really loving seeing the tester and knitter projects on both of these. 
  • She had a short article Tips for Attending a Fiber Festival published in the Fall 2021 Interweave Knits!
  • She's even more excited about the longer feature article about the Fiber Trails of the Upper Rio Grande coming out in the upcoming Interweave Knits Winter 2022 issue!!
  • She has several more designs going - a new cloak, Aran weight sweater, DK weight shawl, a hat in 3 sizes and more....but she hasn't been doing near as much knitting as she planned. See Mulligans for why. 


  • She couldn't find a 16-inch US Size 3 needle even though she knows she has many. She started going through the very large pile of WIPs and sorting. She ripped out four, set aside three that she does want to work on and left a large pile to figure out later. That was enough to liberate the Size 3 needles she needed.  

  • Knitting on new designs pretty much stalled out during the big move. Instead she's spending her time on moving, moving chaos and the normal expected dumpster fire of moving.

Topic of the Show: Getting Ready for Fall Knitting

Sherri and Tamara talk about Fall knitting and Fall fashion. Sherri spent some time looking at new things coming out this Fall from her two favorite catalogs - LL Bean and Antropologie. Then she went looking on Ravelry and found several patterns she thought matched what she was seeing in the catalogs for this Fall really well: Hugo (Ravelry link) by Michiyo, Strange Brew by Tin Can Knits, Aurora Cardigan (Ravelry link) by shinysuperhero, Gwyneth (Ravelry link) by Amy Miller and Air Dance Top (Ravelry link) by Irina Anikeeva. 

Tamara spent some time looking at Fall 2021 fashion trends. She found a handful of things that she really likes about this season: Colors seems to be going one of two directions - saturated or muted. For saturated colors there are lots of red in shades like scarlet, vermillion and cherry, also a bright, bright yellow (one of the two main Pantone 2021 colors of the year named Illuminating) and many shades of orange. For the muted colors both grey (the other Pantone 2021 color of the year named Ultimate Grey) and many different shades of caramel are big. A lot of fashion blogs are also talking about a new casual focus even from high end brands. For knitting that seems to translate to positive ease, wraparound cardigans, turtlenecks and layers. She also saw cropped jackets for women and sweater vests for me. 


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That's Entertainment (what we're watching, reading, eating and playing while we knit)

  • Attended Fiber U in Lebanon, Missouri. It was great to be able to attend an event like this in person again! She bought a used spinning wheel, said goodbye to favorite vendors who are retiring, met new vendors and new mill owners. She also got to see a good bit of the Missouri Ozarks on the drive and was super close to Mark Twain National Forest.  

  • Streamed the Black Widow movie on Disney Plus as part of her birthday splurge. 
  • Re-watched The Umbrella Academy (seasons 1 and 2) on Netflix with the younger teen. That was actually a lot of fun to watch with a teen.
  • Watched The Meaning of Life (1983) by Monty Python as part of the husband's "cultural heritage for teens project". When asked what they thought about this one both teens had a long pause and head shake followed by variations of "I'm confused.", "what?", "why?" and "what just happened?"
  • Read Castle Shade by Laurie King. This is #17 in the Mary Russell Holmes series (she is now all caught up). This one is set in Transylvania in the 1920s with Mary and her husband Sherlock asked to investigate some threats by Marie, the queen of Romania. This one really captured her attention and she spent lots of time looking up things mentioned in the book like Bran Castle, the Transylvania countryside, Queen Marie (who was a real person and interesting), concertina music and other bits along the way. She really enjoyed this book! 


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