S2:E11 Swatch: Woolfolk Far Yarn



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Sherri Pullover by Tamara Moots  in Woolfolk Far
Knitting on a Noro hat. She decided to unravel her Summer Solstice by Heidi Kirrmaier and divide her Noro Kotori yarn into warm and cool colors.    

Knitting on a bright blue hat that she just cast on for something small and easy to do while recording. She hasn't decided yet if it will be a Ponytail Hot Chocolate Hat or a regular Hot Chocolate Hat. Either way the cables on this hat make her happy. 

Swatch: Woolfolk Far yarn

Sherri and Tamara take a few minutes to record a short Swatch Episode. As we round into a new year and are still under lockdown, we'll be adding some of these shorter Swatches in between our longer normal episodes.  

In this Swatch, Sherri and Tamara review the Woolfok chainette yarn Far. They took a little time to discuss how it knits up on different types of needles, how it handles cables and texture, their impressions of the yarn and it's price point. Sherri really loves this yarn and thinks it might be the softest yarn she has ever worked with with a micron count of 17.5 (cashmere has a micron count of 19 or less). 

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That's Entertainment (what we're watching, reading, eating and playing while we knit)

  • Started using the free iPhone app Toss - Declutter Fast & Easy by Nick Krause and is really enjoying the feeling of lightening the load each day as she follows the prompts.

  • Watched the Inauguration once live and again from recording with the teens. She loved, loved, loved the poem The Hill We Climb performed by Amanda Gorman. She especially loved sharing it with her teen sons! And is putting Amanda Gorman's upcoming book of poetry in her pre-order queue.  
  • Some people read more during the safer at home during a pandemic, some people learn to juggle actual fire. Her younger teen is one that has learned to juggle torches lit on actual fire. In the backyard. She's mostly proud and a little worried every time he does it. He feels it is pretty safe.


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