S2:E3 Talking about Small Projects


Sherri, host, knitter, spinner, and fosters dogs.

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TangledThread on Ravelry
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Tamara, co-host, knitter, knitwear designer, hiker, mom
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tammo on Ravelry
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Projects: Current, Finished and Fantasy

Working on a top down V-neck sweater. 
Fantasy Knitting - finding the perfect project for the Neighborhood Fiber Company Rustic Fingering gradient set

Released Hot Chocolate Hat pattern! Ravelry link here, Etsy link here
Still working on the DK Weight top-down cabled sweater. Knitting the sample sweater out of Knit Picks Gloss DK in a beautiful deep, dark teal. 
Working on simple top-down crescent shawl in fingering weight deep red from Wichita Woolery (rebranded to 316 Dye Studio)
Starting a new one-skein shawl design. Sample for this one will be out of Treasure Goddess Yarn Treasured Toes Sock in a bright orange named Lusty Wench. 
Cast on the next top-down tee design for early summer 2021 release. Sample will be in Knit Picks Shine Sport in the color Serrano. 

Topic of the Show: Small Projects

Sherri and Tamara talk about small knitting projects. The conversation touches on how to find a project for special skeins in the stash, how to narrow down choices for small projects, why small projects are so great and favorite types of smalls projects. Sherri's and Tamara's favorites are cowls, mittens and hats. Soap sacks for Supporting A Community with Kindness (S.A.C.K.) were mentioned. 


Trouble with Blanche by Cleonis. Among other things she didn't read ahead in the pattern multiple times and the new decrease technique hidden inside the cable cross didn't go well. 

She was surprised to see two designs come out that she sold a good while back before she made some hard decisions to change where she submits her patterns. It is sad not to feel excited about a new release like that. Also she worries the pattern content may not be up to her current standards since she hasn't seen the patterns for a couple of years. 

Podcast Announcements

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That's Entertainment (what we're watching, reading, eating and playing while we knit)

Listened to Peace Talks (book #16 of the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher). 
Listened to Battle Ground (book #17 of the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher). 

Finally watched Hamilton! And found a great YouTube video of the official music video of her favorite song. 
Finished reading White Fragility
She finally won at Terraforming Mars! She's been picking that game for months and the whole family is relieved she'll move on to a different game now. 
Learning how to cook low FODMAP. Basically it means she has to pay attention to every ingredient while they figure it out - no gluten, no lactose, no fructose, no garlic or onion and no lots of other things. So far this is her favorite site for low FODMAP recipes


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