Episode 11B: Knitting On Any Budget


Sherri, host, knitter, spinner, and fosters dogs.

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Tamara, co-host, knitter, knitwear designer, hiker, mom.

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Knitting Question: Knitting On Any Budget at LYS 

Sherri and Tamara talk through planning out a quarter's worth of knitting at different budget levels shopping only at local yarn stores to support local. They each figured out and compared notes on how they could knit for three months on $20 a quarter, $20 a month, $20 a week and $20 a day. (We talk about lots of numbers here, so we're apologizing in advance if you are doing any counting while listening.)


Sherri's Summer Solstice by Heidi Kirrmaier 
Sherri's Second Bookworm by Heidi Kirrmaier

Made a rookie mistake on a hat design for an upcoming submission. Knit the whole thing with the wrong size needles....even realized something was wrong but kept going anyway because she convinced herself it would work out.

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At The Table

Figuring out options for where and how to buy local meat. 

With the talk about meat shortages and virus exposure to packing plant workers, it is a good time to expand into other types of proteins. So far our family has found two new-to-us things that we've really liked. 
Anthony's Goods TVP (textured vegetable protein made out of soy flour). Works really well in place of ground beef in enchiladas and we'll be trying it in other recipes. 
Black Bean Burgers!! We really like this recipe named "The Best Black Bean Burgers I've Ever Had". So good!! No idea if the title is accurate since we haven't tried others yet. But definitely tasty. 
text and links
text and links

Local Facts

Operation See Local Things (because we aren't going on a road trip this year) #1.
Alcove Springs, waterfall and still visible wagon tracks (called wagon swales) from the Oregon Trail.

Operation See Local Things (because we aren't going on a road trip this year) #4.
Pillsbury Crossing. Cool low water river crossing over rock and a pretty great waterfall.   


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