10B: Working from Stash.



Sherri, host, knitter, spinner, and fosters dogs.

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Tamara, co-host, knitter, knitwear designer, hiker, mom
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Knitting Question: Why have a stash? Why not just go buy the yarn when you're ready to cast on?  

Sherri and Tamara talk about why they each have a stash. And why that stash is important.


Sherri's List
Springfoot Socks heel problems. It turns out knitting the heal backward on purpose is harder than it sounds.

Knitting a sample sweater out of Indie hand-dyed yarn right now. This one is in fingering weight. The first mistake is that she knit the entire first skein (400+ yards since it is fingering weight) and started the second skein while convincing herself that the color shift really wasn't that big. Also, the stitch gauge was enough larger than the pattern math gauge that the sweater was too, too big. She kept going for a little bit in denial. Then finally ripped back to the beginning. Second attempt she tried switching the yarn every round instead of every two rounds and hated it. A lot. So ripped that bit back again and is finally working down the body of the sweater with no more problems. 

Inspiration and Fantasies

Winter Weeds Cardigan by Katya Gorbacheva
Project Sleeve by Judith Brien

A new red tee design...no yarn yet for this one but she can see how she wants it to look and be trimmed already. 
Red shawl design. This one isn't cast on yet either but in the project bag ready to go. 


Sherri and Tamara talk about using the StashFit Workbook and what they learned working through the exercises. They both came at it from different angles and thought it was a valuable tool for different reasons.

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At The Table

Lion's Main Mushrooms from her CSA and the soup she made with them. 

The Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook (hers is the iconic red-and-white-checked, 1989 version) and all the recipes she's been making with her teens using basic ingredients they have in the house. 


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