8: Enforced Staycation



Sherri, host, knitter, spinner, and fosters dogs.

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Tamara, co-host, knitter, knitwear designer, hiker, mom
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Everything is Cancelled. 

Sherri and Tamara talk about how everything is canceled. This is smart and necessary to flatten the curve and enforce social distancing. But also hard. This is just a one-part podcast to discuss how we are figuring out the new normal. We both recorded remotely from our own homes as we practice social distancing.

Current Projects


Top down tunic out of Treasure Goddess DK Treasures in a great red named Ruby Daggers.
Getting ready to cast on another DK weight top down sweater with a shallow scoop neck and slightly flared bell sleeves in a great teal color.
Planting garden seeds like crazy.
Started an offer for knitters to choose two of my currently available self-published Ravelrypatterns for “free”. The “free” is in quotation marks because I do ask knitters spend the money the patterns would have cost to safely support a local small business if possible. So far the response has been way higher than expected and I love the thought of all the support to local businesses it can generate. You can see the post in the promotion thread hereThe codes are STRONGERTOGETHER and FLATTENTHECURVE. 

Finished Projects


The Salt River Sweater test knit is finished! Working on final edits and the pattern will be released before this episode goes live.
Prairie Rose Cowl is in test knitting. Collaboration with Elevate Fibers in a new prairie-inspired colorway out of their Silky Merino (75% merino, 25% silk - fingering weight). The pattern should be ready to release mid-May to late-May. 

What We've Been Wearing

Winterberry by Jennifer Wood. Sherri's Winterberry

Basic Adult Mittens out of Lamb's Pride Worsted. Off and on as we get more warm days than cool days.
Aurora Hat by Tamara out Berroco Vintage Worsted in an oatmeal color Adult S size. On cool morning walks mainly.
Face masks out of things we have around the house when I must go out for supplies.  

Topic of the Show: How we've spent the money that would have gone to our conferences to help support local. (Also, the craziest thing you've said or done so far.)

Sherri found a 8 Harness Schacht Table Loom used for a really great price at the last spinning event she attended before cancellations and closures started. She also got a pound of local Rambouillet wool for spinning.

Tamara called her closest LYS (about an hour away) and made an order over the phone with the shop owner digging through her available yarn. She ordered two sweater's worth of yarn and had a good chat with the shop owner. It was good for both of them. And it was great getting the pretty yarn in the mail.

Both intend to spend some time looking at the Ply Away and Knitting in the Heartland vendor pages where both events have links to all the vendors that would have been on the market floors. This feels like a good way to support local fiber artists.

Link to Ply Away's Vendor page here.
Link to Knitting in the Heartland's Vendor page here.

Sherri's craziest thing so far is buying 88 ounces of dark chocolate (22 oz is a normal month's supply) to last until the next time she must go grocery shopping. Hopefully. Tamara's craziest thing so far is upping her rules for raising boys and injuries from what it used to be when they were little ("if there's not a lot of blood, you're fine") to the new male-teen-accident-avoidance-encouragement during a pandemic ("Please be more careful. If I cannot see a bone, we are not going to the hospital").

Podcast Announcements

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Ravelry board on the Geminate Podcast for "20 Hats in 2020". 

Check out the Ravelry board for a thread about the episode. 

That's Entertainment

Watching Zoe's Extraordinary Playlist.
Watching Fear the Walking Dead.
Listening to NPR's Hidden Brain. Shankar Vedantam uses science and storytelling to reveal the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior, shape our choices and direct our relationships. Lots of good ones. Recently the March 23, 2020 An Unfinished Lesson: What The 1918 Flu Tells Us About Human Nature and the March 16, 2020 Panic In The Street: How Psychology Shaped The Response To An Epidemic.

Reading the news. All the news. The more science-y the better. Plus the Johns Hopkins University Global Cases Tracking and Map.
Watched Harold and Maude as part of the boys' "cultural heritage". 1971 movie with Cat Stevens music and dark humor. Young rich Harold goes to funerals for fun. Meets 80-ish year old Maude at one funeral and then runs into her at another. They build a friendship. Some pretty funny bits and it held up really, really well. The boys actually liked this one.
The Hunters on Amazon Prime. Nazi-hunters switching between present-day 1977 and back to concentration camps in WW2. Hunting hidden and escaped Nazis in 1977 US.
Watched (more than once). Samuel L. Jackson read "Stay the F*** Home". Funniest thing I've seen in a while. 

Board Games 

(with Knitability Rankings from 0 with no time to knit at all to 10 with time to finish half a sock during the game)

Dungeon Petz. Knitability: 4. (Should be higher but we hadn't played for so long that I spet a lot of time relearning the rules and generally not knowing what was going on.) You have a new business buying, breeding and selling monster pets for Dungeon Lords. You have to feed them and play with them and clean up their cages and stuff. If you don't, they get mad or sick or run away. 


Hasn't had the brain space for anything harder than a sock.

This top-down tunic is her first sweater out of Indie-dyed yarn. So this is a learning project for her on how best to alternate skeins to blend slightly different colors. She's super low on patience and mental space right now so gave up pretty quickly on attempts 1 and 2...but plans to try them again later when she's got more patience again. She's on her third attempt and is sticking with this one. First she tried the no twist method. Then the normal twist method. Now she has decided on large stripes of each color in order and joining them as she normally would she starts a new ball of yarn.

Thank you for listening. Please stay safe and healthy!


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