Episode 6A: Preparing for Warmer Weather


Sherri, host, knitter, spinner, and fosters dogs.

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TangledThread on Ravelry
Instagram: geminatepodcast

Tamara, co-host, knitter, knitwear designer, hiker, mom.
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tammo on Ravelry
Instagram: tamaramoots
Blog: www.tamaramoots.com
Knitwear Designs: http://www.ravelry.com/designers/tamara-moots

Current Projects

Silver Lake by Amy Miller out of Tahki Yarns Cotton Classic DK.  Sherri's Silver Lake
Molly version B by Julie Weisenberger. Sherri's Molly version B 

Collaboration with Elevate Fibers in a new prairie-inspired colorway for an upcoming spring design.
Sherri Pullover by Tamara out of Valley Yarns Amherst in the color Harvest Gold on US Size 8 (4.00 mm) needles.
Finally putting thumbs on some of the mittens. Tamara's basic recipe given in Episode 3B out of Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted on US Size 6 (4.00 mm) needles.
Hot Chocolate Hats using the same cables as my Cafe Blend cowl out of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Worsted in three shades of brown.
Starting a new cold for an upcoming Knit Picks publication out of Gloss DK!
Updating my Madison Bluewash Cowl out of Rowan Denim Revive on US Size 5 (3.75 mm) needles. This one originally published in the I Like Knitting August 2019 issue and now that the rights have reverted back to me. 

Finished Projects

There's a Rabbit on my Head by Stephen West out of scrap yarn Knit Picks Preciosa Tonal Worsted. Sherri's There's a Rabbit on my Head
Scrappy Inside Out Hat out of sock yarn scraps held double.
First Hat of 2020 out of handspun.
Maggie by Tamara Moots out of scrap yarn. Sherri's Maggie
Night Sky Cowl out of handspun.
Kami Hat by Katie Schumm out of Malabrigo Twist. Sherri's Kami Hat

Maggie by Tamara Moots out of Berroco Flicker from deep stash as part of pattern update process.
Sample cowl out of Tosh Merino Light in the color Arctic for an upcoming Interweave Gifts magazine.
Sample, sample cowl out Malabrigo Mechita in the color Jupiter for the Interweave Gifts design.
Lavinia Shawlette out Malabrigo Mechita and Araucania Yarns Huasco Sock. Test knitting finished early and the shawl pattern will be published before this episode airs!

What We've Been Wearing

More accurately what she has not been wearing. Bookworm by Heidi Kirrmaier out of Berroco Blackstone Tweed in the color 2684 Concord Grape. Foster dog Redpop shredded. SHREDDED into a pile of 1" scraps of yarn! BAD BAD DOG! Sherri's Bookworm pre-shredding

Basic Adult Mittens out of Lamb's Pride Worsted. Every day. All winter.
Aurora Hat by Tamara out Berroco Vintage Worsted in an oatmeal color Adult S size.
Botanist Hat by Tamara (renamed the "screw you winter hat" for the teens) out of Universal Yarns Uptown Worsted in the color Lime and Berroco Vintage Worsted in the color Kiwi.
Old worn out Sherri Pullover by Tamara for winter hikes.
Judy Ponytail Hat by Tamara.

Topic of the Show: Knitting with Summer Yarns

Sherri and Tamara talk about what yarns they like best for summer knitting/wearing and why. They touch on why swatching and shrinking is important, why needles matter for comfortable summer knitting, being careful about bamboo yarns growing and more.

Something New: Test Swatches of Increases and Decreases in Cotton

Cotton yarn is very unforgiving. So Sherri and Tamara tried out test swatches of several different increases and decreasing in cotton to see which ones they liked best. Techniques tried included k1f&b, Right-Slant, Left-Slant, Lifted Right and Left Increases and so on. Tamara's favorites were the Lifted Increases. Sherri was super pleased to find a new-to-her increase Make One Lifted where you knit into the purl bump, she has since found it online as KRL.

Podcast Announcements

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That's Entertainment

Watching the TV series Homebuddies.
Watched The Rise of Skywalker.
Listening to the Dresden Files audio books.

Watching Mr. Robot on Amazon Prime.
Watched Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery as part of the boys' "cultural heritage" project.
Rereading the October Daye series. 

Board Games 

(with Knitability Rankings from 0 with no time to knit at all to 10 with time to finish half a sock during the game)

Through the Ages. Knitability: 8. This one is fun and entertaining but loooooooooong. The older boy really likes long and involved games and this one definitely qualifies. When he picks this one we count it as 2 of his turns since we've never finished a game in less than 5 hours. Through the Ages is a civilization building game with each player building the best civilization possible through resource management, discovering new technologies, electing leaders, building wonders and so on. 

Castles of Mad King Ludwig. Knitability: 1. Tile laying to create amazing castles. 


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